Boris Boy is back!

By Thibault Deprez

After being closed for several months, Boris Boy in Brussels is back. Toti, a former Mr Leather Belgium and Boris Boy staff member, has bought the shop with his partner. Together they have transformed it into a whole new fetish store. Cerebral went to meet Toti in the revamped store.

You and your husband are both into fetish and you were Mr Leather Belgium a few years ago, so buying Boris Boy seems like the next logical step. But why reopen this fetish store instead of starting something new?

I used to work here as sales manager, so step-by-step Boris Boy has become a part of me. Most of the customers know me, which is how I became the ‘face’ of Borisboy. It was a logical step for me to buy this shop instead of starting a new one.
It has always been my dream to work independently. I don’t like it when others are in charge of me.
As Boris Boy has existed for 10 years, it has become an established name in the Brussels gay scene. So why start an entirely new shop?

Why are fetish stores so important?
A man needs to find stuff he is comfortable wearing and playing in... It’s important that everybody is able to express themselves in their own way. Having lots of variety to choose from in stores such as Boris Boy really helps people. There are a lot of different brands on the market and we want to offer our customers the kinds of things which fit their personality and fetish.

How will the new Boris Boy differ from the old Boris Boy?
It is a totally different concept! I want to make it a lot cosier for the customers and will give it a more industrial makeover with my own personal touch. Boris Boy won’t be the same anymore. The atmosphere in the shop will be a lot more kinky and contemporary. I’ll also try to attract different brands.

Will the shop offer the same products as before?
We will have some of the same brands as before such as Mr B and Barcode. We're still thinking about which other brands to add. The range of products is already quite extensive, but we’re certainly working to attract new, trendy brands on the fetish scene.

A lot of fetish stores are closing their doors today because of competition from webshops. How will Boris Boy cope with this?
Boris Boy is unique because we have both a real ‘open door’ shop and our own webshop. In the future we’ll use social networking sites such as Facebook a lot more to promote our products.

A lot of people have reacted positively to the reopening of Boris Boy on social media. How does that make you guys feel?
We are really happy with this. During the time I worked for Boris Boy, a lot of clients became my friends and Boris Boy became my little brother. During the closure of the shop a lot of these clients kept asking me to reopen it. Now Boris Boy is finally ready to open again, I look forward to welcoming all my friends and new clients to see my child!

What does ‘fetish’ mean to you?

Fetish is a part of life and about discovering the funny, sexy side of yourself. Fetish is very diverse. For some people it’s really a way of life, for others it’s an exciting shadow. For us personally, the smell of leather and rubber is really important.

What’s your favourite article at the new Boris Boy?
I think the big choice of dildos which I sell by weight (I have an old butcher’s scale in the shop). That’s what I’m really proud of! My favourite brand in the shop is the range of Domestic Partners dildos.