Open those closets!

By Dimitri Devreeze

If you like to travel around Europe’s fetish hotspots, you’re sure to hear about cities like Berlin, London or Amsterdam. But in addition to Antwerp, Belgium offers another great fetish-city destination: Brussels. This dynamic city might just surprise you!
Brussels is home to MSC Belgium, a social club for men with an interest in leather, rubber and uniforms. Clubs like these gained a dowdy image in the past, something MSC Belgium has been able to shake-off by making new contacts and stepping out of the darkroom.

In the modern leather scene, darkrooms have made way for internet dates. MSC Belgium plays an important social role in this, blurring the lines of the gay closet.
Daniel Suy, a Brussels photographer known as Flesh Black, has specialised in creating fetish photographic art. His work has provided a turning point in the spread of this new fresh look.

Initially MSC Belgium started with the organisation of Mr Leather Belgium during Leatherpride in Antwerp. After the title was established, a bunch of young men began attending the monthly MSC meetings in one of Brussels’ clubs. These meetings still take place, but in a new fashion. Stammbar provides the venue with great music in a modern setting. Guests are invited to pick their best fetish clothes from the Stammbar wardrobe.

Mr Leather is there, surrounded by rubber men, men in jeans, and shirtless, wearing just harness and boots. The imagination gets stimulated and that translates into a very inspired evening. Time to be proud again and put that leather cap on your head. It’s the quickest way to get chatting with your neighbour in rubber.
Former Mr Leather Belgium, Nordine, started the Belgian Rubber Men and holds aperitifs on the terrace of local bars. The whole neighbourhood is enthusiastic about this initiative and interest has grown. MSC has not remained in its own territory, but now tries to appeal to a hetero/LGBT mix with the ‘Fetish Project’. Founder Salem makes a point of bringing people together to live out their fetish with a great party on a barge in one of Brussels’ canals. The mix of straight and LGBT speaks to and broadens your horizons.

One of the objectives of MSC Belgium is to help you acquire tolerance by showing interest in other groups. The Fetish Project is a must for those who want to experience a different evening. It has also become a showcase for Dutch Rubber, and will in the future attract more people who want to wear their best rubber.
The variety of fetish in Brussels is very broad. To meet your clothing needs, Boris Boy has reopened its doors with new management – none other than Mr Leather Belgium 2011, Toti! We wish him success with his Mr B range and other interesting products. At Boris Boy you will find the best underpants, sexy sports equipment as well as rubber articles. It offers a fresh selection of Brussels fetish.

But fetish goes much further than just clothes and partying. Every year MSC puts an artist in the spotlight. In 2015 it is David Silva. His artistic photographic exhibits are masterpieces and you walk with him in his fantasy world. As an addition to his studio, David has opened a boutique this year. Called Rouge, it is full of military clothing and David’s own creations such T-shirts printed with his own images.

No one can ignore the very popular bear community. Many of the bears are rugby players with the ‘Straffe Ketten’ (Tough Men) and fetish fans.
It’s very nice spending time between the bears, so we decided to build a bridge between the different organisations with ‘Tough Love’. Le Baroque bar receives bears in the early evening with a theme linked to fetish. You see bearded men in boots and jeans, uniform or mixed. Together they start the party. Those hungry for more usually end up at Stammbar.

If you wish to dance in your favourite fetish outfit, you can do this during the Revelation party. It’s the alternative party which runs alongside La Demence and attracts men who like to go on until the early hours.
Now it's up to you to show your colours! You have a whole range of possibilities to discover fetish in Brussels. Experience what suits you. Brussels gives you the opportunity to step out of your closet and to enjoy the local hospitality – plain how or who you really are!