Mister Rubber Italy

By Thibault Deprez

Why did you enter this competition?
I’ve wanted to do it for a number of years. But I am a workaholic and I always procrastinated. Each year I said to myself: “Next year I will have more spare time and I’ll enter the competition.” Obviously I never did. Then last year many things changed, both professionally and personally. It’s been a difficult year. I had to look for extra energy inside myself and above all, I chose not to put off this dream any longer. And here I am!

What’s so special about rubber for you?

Many people are into touching it and get horny from the sensation of it on their fingers. To me it’s a combination of many things. The ‘special’ thing is that I can enjoy getting filthy during sex, which is the best way to me. It’s like wearing my working uniform for the best job ever: it can get dirty and I don’t care. I am happy indeed! Another great thing is that, being a second skin, it shows the real silhouette of the body. This is something that makes me really crazy. I often get horny looking at details that others would call imperfections. They just attract me, sometimes for a night only, sometimes for longer. Like many others, I started with leather. I still like it, but I think that rubber is more ‘honest’ in a way. People wearing it aren’t afraid to show themselves and their bodies. They accept that they are naked while wearing their gear. It’s not for everyone!

What can we expect of you as Mister Rubber Italy during the coming year?

I have big travel plans. I have already visited Antwerp for Leatherpride, Rome for Fetish Pride, Manchester rubber weekend and I’m going to Denmark, Poland, France, and the Netherlands… I’ll be in Berlin for the next Folsom too. Travelling is important, but I still thinking I have to do something for the local community. I live in Milan, and my biggest effort this year will be trying to organise a rubber event. I’m already working on it and I hope I can confirm the event soon. I think it’s about time for us to that, and the rubber community in Italy really needs to get together. Plus, Milan will be at its best this year, hosting EXPO 2015. So, no excuses: you have to visit us!

What advice would you give to future Mister Rubber Italy candidates?

Be sincere, work for the community. Don’t do it for your ego, do it for your ideals.